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Other cool sites with great content...

Exploratorium has a great list of cool kids' sites -- http://www.exploratorium.edu/learning_studio/cool/kids.html
Check out some of their finds:

KidSpace.org -- international site -- great games and info on the web; storybooks, kids' art gallery

KidsCom -- supervised chat with other kids

Kiddonet-- create your own home page, calendar, message boards, etc.

Funschool.com -- kids 6 - 11

Zeeks.com -- kids 9-14 -- has games, chatrooms, and a great "Meet the Authors" area

MaMaMedia -- kids can design and animate characters, make their own digital cards, invent games, and more. Free membership lets kids save, publish, and e-mail their creations to friends.

Agirlsworld -- http://www.agirlsworld.com/ -- web sharing and content for girls and teens

Ben's Guide: U.S. Government Sites for Kids --

Paws, Claws, Scales, & Tales -- Librarians' Internet Index info on critters and pets galore

Paws, Claws, Scales, & Tales, Part II -- California's Summer Reading Program --

Why kites fly

How does a Zamboni (Ice machine) work?

Activities from the ZOOM TV show on PBS -- games, science, puzzles, and fun

Check out bios and details about your favorite characters in the Disney Archives

Experience Outer Space with the Jet Propulsion Lab's Cassini-Huygens Mission to Saturn & Titan -- build a model of the Cassini spacecraft and find Saturn in the night sky

Armor and Arms -- Check out video and pictures of old armor and weapons at New York's Metropolitan Museum

My Hero Project -- Kids create web pages about their heroes and submit them to http://myhero.com/myhero/

Check out WebQuests -- cool search-based learning projects on the web. Here's a few:

Earth from space -- http://www.earthfromspace.si.edu/ -- care of the Smithsonian

Asia Trail at the National Zoo -- http://nationalzoo.si.edu/Animals/AsiaTrail/

Free, Legal Pictures for Projects! Check out this great search engine of photos online -- even by color -- at Yoyophoto at http://yotophoto.com/

How about Podcast stories? Check out http://www.summerreading.cla-net.org/srpgpodcast.html

Stamps can be cool! Check out the Kids' Page on the world of stamps at http://www.stamps.org/kids/January/Beginner_intro.htm

Scary Books for Kids -- http://www.monsterlibrarian.com/horrorfictionlistkd.htm

Guided tour of Harlem from an artist's point of view -- http://www.metmuseum.org/explore/the_block/guide.html

Endangered Species Information -- http://www.fws.gov/endangered/kids/

PBSkids.org -- Lots of cool stuff, games, info on shows

PBSkids/go -- Great stuff for bigger kids

HowStuffWorks Express -- Interviews with experts and the cool Autopsy section, showing how you can take things apart and what they are made of

United Nations -- for kids! -- the UN has a site with all sorts of stuff about it as a Cyberschoolbus

Team Jake -- -- Check out Jake, a 7 year old runner raising money for kids in need in other countries

Make an e-card to send to a friend at Crayola

Did I just feel an earthquake? Check it out at the US Geological Survey site and log on what you felt to help them collect data.

America's Story -- Library of Congress has created this fascinating interactive web site about famous Americans and history.

NASA Kids -- check out all things space-y at this site

KidInfo on Magic! -- they have assembled a great group of links all about magicians and magic

Look at a "live" diary of the original King Tut excavation on National Geographic's site

Check out projects, games, and critters at the Monterey Bay Aquarium website

Interested in Space? Adler Observatory has a great list of links to all sorts of space-related sites

World Factbook from the CIA -- how can you get cooler than that?

Cable Channels' Sites --
Usually commercial-oriented
Cartoon Network
Discovery Kids

Publications -- usually commercial-oriented
Weekly Reader
Sports Illustrated for Kids
National Geographic and
National Geographic for Kids

Odyssey Magazines for science
Time Magazine for Kids

Toy Oriented -- Commercial oriented
Barbie -- http://barbie.everythinggirl.com/
Lego -- http://www.lego.com

New Things
  • How to Tie Shoelaces
  • A Whole Foundation About Kites! -- http://www.drachen.org/about_kites.html
  • Toys to make at home from the Museum of Childhood -- http://www.vam.ac.uk/moc/kids/things_to_make/index.html
  • CartoonAmerica -- showcase at Library of Congress presenting historical American cartooning
  • Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog -- a current blog in the style of the Olde English author Goeffrey Chaucer -- http://houseoffame.blogspot.com/
  • Cognito -- site by John Hopkins for kids who are interested in being academically challenged in their life and career-- http://www.cogito.org/


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