This book is mostly focused on your new baby; however, it is important that we include a little section on mom. New mothers can often have very serious problems after their pregnancy and the birth of their baby. Not only does a new mom have to work through all the different things necessary to raising her new baby, but she sometimes may have to slog through her own depression as well.

Post-partum depression affects a large number of women after they have had a baby. This can cause very serious problems for the mother and, if mom is not careful, for the baby as well. People have different levels of this type of depression, and some people are able to shake it on their own or simply with time. Other mothers may require intense therapy or may need to speak with a doctor about medications.

Post-partum depression is just like any other type of depression. It’s symbolized by feelings of inferiority or worthlessness. A mother may feel that she is not fit to raise her new baby or may not even feel interest in her child. These things tend to occur with many new mothers, and some believe that this is a result of the fluctuations in hormone levels throughout and after pregnancy. It’s important that if you feel this type of depression, you seek out help. There are plenty of people who can and will help you if you just ask for it. Don’t feel that you have to go through any of your feelings alone.